About LYDIA, Inc.

LYDIA, Inc. is a 501(c)3 charitable organization recognized by the IRS and the State of New Mexico. 


What do we mean by “Families in Crisis”? We mean any family impacted by job loss, a sudden move across the country, major illness from one or many family members, families experiencing grief, families who are low-income and struggling to make ends meet, families who need to learn English as a second language, families on welfare, families looking for alternative holistic options, families who need spiritual care or guidance, and families who would benefit from a life coach or accountability partner. A family is a unit of 2 or more people: a spousal relationship, a parental:child relationship, siblings seeking reparation, etc. We have clients seek our services who are first-time parents, and we have clients come who are well-established in life and their partnerships. We have clients who have only one child, no children, or many children. 

We have served the community of Santa Fe, NM for 6 years, and held several school supply drives over those years for families of Casa Familia and St. Elizabeth’s Shelter. We relocated to Las Vegas, NM, in 2020, where we hope to continue serving families of Santa Fe County and begin working closely with the community of San Miguel County. 

We are in the business of crisis prevention through the programs we’ve developed and hope to bring to our communities. 

Services we offer include: 

Positive Pregnancy: From Conception to the Fourth Trimester

Step One: Military Transitioning to the Civilian Life

Just Breathe: Practical Self Regulation

Suits You: Job Coaching

HypnoHerbal: Balancing Mind, Body, and Soul

English as a Second Language

In our Positive Pregnancy program, expectant parents will learn hypnobirthing and HypnoMothering (™) techniques to experience a positive pregnancy and a more centered birth, with support for the new parents after delivery of baby. 

In Step One, Military service members will go beyond the transitioning program experienced during their separation process and learn how to discover who they are as a civilian, how to carry those stress management skills into the civilian world, budgeting and finances, where to find or how establish support networks, what they value, their roles in life as a civilian, and who they are at heart. 

In Just Breathe, practical self-regulation teaches new tools and helps clients rediscover techniques they’ve used all their lives.

Suits You works with people who have lost their jobs, have upcoming interviews and need to refresh their interview skills, and/or need to make a good impression with proper interview clothes. One of my favorite stories is getting a call about someone needing a blouse, in a specific size, for an interview in half-an-hour. They drove up, I held the blouse on the hangar out, they grabbed the shirt, and off they went. I never did find out how the interview went – and that’s not what matters, though we are here to support our clients every step of the way. 

HypnoHerbal offers life coaching, hypnosis and guided visualization, education and alternative holistic services available in the state of NM. 

English as a Second Language provides a customized learning experience for our clients, teaching the basics of English all the way through English for a Specific Purpose. Clients will have the option of learning via a platform such as Zoom or in-person; they will receive homework; and they will have access to the teacher(s) for 1:1 coaching to improve their pronunciation and vocabulary. 

Call: 505.913.7160 or visit lydiainc.org today to schedule an appointment. Some services are free and some have a fee. 

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