About Us



Empowering Families in Crisis

Founded in 1994, Summit International, our parent organization, was awarded our 501(c)3 status. In 2007, LYDIA, Inc. became a goal. In 2015, LYDIA, Inc. became a reality through Summit International.
In New Mexico, we are Summit International dba LYDIA, Inc.



Support at LYDIA

LYDIA, Inc. is empowering families in crisis. 

Our Board

Dr. Michael F. Commini.

Founding member. Executive Director: Summit International.

Our Staff

image of emma snows Emma Shows, Director. MA-HS. BS. BA. Founder and creator of LYDIA, Inc. Ms. Shows specializes in marriage and family relationships. Her heart is focused on strengthening community ties and building support between personal and city-wide community.

Jennifer Hoffer. Compliance officer. Author.


Abigail Shows (they/them). Director of Marketing and Outreach. 



David Commini, OblSB, PhD. Web Designer, Veteran Consultant