Professional Attire for the Seeker and the Newly Hired.

Need to Know

Our clothes closet helps you dress for success, with business apparel for men and women of all body types.

Clients may choose needed items* ranging from business casual to professional attire for job interviews or the first few days of work.

Help may also be given if uniforms are needed after proof of hire has been submitted.

Clients may choose a suit, two blouses and a pair of slacks or a skirt, a dress and jacket, and accompanying accessories. Or clients may choose an entire suit or two button-ups and a pair of slacks plus accoutrements.

Accoutrements* include but are not limited to: ties, purses, shoes, briefcases, costume jewelry, scarves, and silks.

Tips and Tricks

Princeton University’s Career Services makes a distinction between business casual and professional attire:

“this is not casual in the way you may expect….jeans and sneakers do not generally apply. The key is to maintain a professional presence, even if you’re not in a suit or tie. Remember, you represent your organization, so you want to make an effort, no matter what day of the week.”

  • First Day Jitters: Dress more formally, and observe your peers, which can help you decode your office. Your goal is to show ambition and be aware.  Don’t overdress to intimidate.
  • For her: Blouses with slacks or skirts, dresses (just above the knee), and conservative footwear. Keep accessories simple – make your accessory your statement piece.
  • For him: Dress pants, a collared shirt, a belt and shoes. Blazers, sweaters, nice jackets.
  • For everyone: During the interview, look at how the interviewer is dressed. Watch the employees and identify what the standard seems to be.
    • Avoid jeans until you’re certain when they are acceptable…which can range from Fridays-only to never. This is not an area in which to be a trailblazer.
    • Trendier clothes may be ok, within reason, but take cues from others. When in doubt, ask.
    • Makeup needs to be simple. Less is more, unless you’re in the film/entertainment industry where certain standards are different.


*All items subject to availability.


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