Life Coaching



  1. A welcome package will be provided for completion before the first session.  This includes an intake form, client history, confidentiality notices, and various assessments.
  2. You’ll be provided a journal and writing prompts. There will be a challenge after each session. The journal is yours, free of charge.
  3. Working from a Motivational Interviewing perspective – client-centered – we’ll begin to explore any challenges you feel you face and discuss what you’d like to achieve with these sessions.
  4. Utilizing a solution-focused brief approach, we’ll schedule 3-5 sessions total. When you feel that a positive change has been made, we can discuss reserving any remaining sessions for check-ups at a later date.
  5. You’ll write feedback and notes after each session, reporting any positive or negative experiences. This can be typed or handwritten. This will be turned in as it’s for the growth of the coach.
  6. A commitment from me, the coach, to you, to be mindfully present and fully engaged in you and your challenge for the duration of each session. I will be fully prepared before each session and ready to meet you at an agreed-upon time.
  7. A 24-hour cancellation notice from either party. We understand about illnesses, emergencies, and even a lack of child care.
  8. Working systemically, we reach out to your support individuals, immediate family, therapists, friends or colleagues, to determine how best to help you move forward. (Only with permission granted.)

No hablo Espanol. Interpreters welcome to accompany the client.

***DISCLAIMER*** This is NOT therapy. Therapeutic services must be provided by a licensed mental health practitioner. Life coaching is not therapeutic in nature.