Intentional Parenting: Just a Note

The Slide at Ragle Park

Congratulations, Mama. Congratulations, Daddy. You made it to the weekend. School, camp or daycare is over for the week. It’s time to hang out with your kids, run errands, enjoy friends and family – however you spend your weekend.

Just a quick note. Be intentional. Be positive. And be aware. Set safe boundaries for your children and help them learn those boundaries.

I took my daughter to the park today and we spoke briefly with this couple who had their son with them. As they left, the little boy – no more than 2 or 3 – ran off. Dad chased him. Mom called “Stop! Stop. STOP!” Dad caught up to the boy and they kept walking. Then the boy ran again. Little Boy headed towards the parking lot. Mom called out once again “STOP!” But Dad called him over and kept going.

I know how hard it is. I know when you’re hot, and tired, and you just want to leave you don’t really want to enforce boundaries in that moment. But. Teaching our children to be safe is one of our key duties as their parents. So when Mom called for him to stop – he should have been made to stop. When Dad caught up to him they should have both stopped and waited for Mom. When he headed straight for the parking lot, again, Dad should have called him over and then both stop to wait for Mom. When Mom says “Stop!” She’s setting a boundary. When Dad keeps walking, doesn’t stop, he’s enforcing the idea that Little Boy doesn’t really HAVE to stop.

Parents – be intentional. Be in agreement. Set boundaries and enforce them. Raise your children to respect your authority as their parents. This helps teach them to respect the authority of their leaders: bosses, teachers, supervisors, police/fire/rescue workers, etc. Set SAFE boundaries for your children. And help each other enforce them – set a good, positive example for your children.

Be intentional. Enjoy your weekend.

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