For the Weary Mom and Dads

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Let your “Yes” be YES, and your “No” be NO.

“Consistency is key”

These “trite” sayings sound so easy – ARE easy to say, but are more challenging to DO.

Let your yes mean YES – you concur. You agree. You permit it to happen. It has your blessing.

Let your no mean NO – absolutely NOT. You do NOT agree. You do not allow or permit it. It does not have your blessing.

How much easier, in life, in relationships, in parenting, to say “Yes” and give in, even though you might actually mean “No” – but you don’t want to argue, or you’re too tired. It is very draining, setting and enforcing boundaries. It truly is.

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How much more wearying it is to be consistent! To actually set out and enforce those boundaries! To get others on board with you, to support you in your endeavors. How much more wearying is it to deal with confrontations, to say “Hey, when I said no, I actually meant ‘no!’” and to set limits, to set consequences and then ensure that those consequences are dealt out properly.

How challenging it is to be a parent. Yes, there are messy diapers at first, and middle of the night feedings, and temper tantrums (moms and dads have temper tantrums, too!), and disobedience, and anger, and tears, and laughter and joy and growth – both the child(ren)’s and the parent(s). There’s bonding, and a deepening of ties, and there’s disappointment, and there’s hope. Hope that maybe you didn’t screw them up as badly as you thought you did, and then there’s the reassurance that your little human copy, while not perfect, really isn’t doing that bad. It all comes down to you – and that burden is heavy.

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But don’t give up. We see you. We know you. We’ve been there and we want to walk it with you.

There’s a saying about it taking a village to raise a child. Part of that village is mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunties, and friends (and fathers, brothers, and uncles). They are there to support the parents in raising the child

Let us be your village – to build, expand, and support YOUR community.

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