Steps to “Size Up” Your Current Situation

woman at laptop computer and book, drinking tea

Sizeup – as presented by FEMA

(Federal Emergency Management Agency)

The nine steps in “sizeup” are:

  1. Gather the facts.
  2. Assess and communicate the damage.
  3. Consider probabilities.
  4. Assess your own situation.
  5. Establish priorities.
  6. Make decisions.
  7. Develop plans of action.
  8. Take action.
  9. Evaluate progress.

So how can LYDIA help you in your current situation?

1) Gather the facts: Get all your materials together. LYDIA can help by acting as case management for you.

In your situation, answer: WHAT really happened? WHO is responsible? WHERE do you want to go from here? WHY do you think this happened?

woman at laptop computer and book, drinking tea

2) Assess and communicate the damage: WHAT happened? HOW did it happen? HOW will this affect you and/or your family?

3) Consider probabilities: WHAT are your options? WHO is your support system? WHERE can you go if you need to leave? HOW are you getting there or getting around town?

4) Assess your own situation: WHAT are your immediate needs? ARE you safe? ARE you capable? WHEN do you need things done? WHAT are your resources? HOW can you utilize your resources?

maslow hierarchy of needs

5) Establish priorities: Maslow’s hierarchy of needs says we need our basics met first: shelter, food, clothing, safety. WHAT are your priorities? WHO comes first? WHAT is your immediate need?

6) Make decisions: HOW will you meet your needs? WHERE can you look for help? WHAT will you do to meet your needs and provide for your family?

to do list on paper with red ink 7) Develop plans of action: HOW? WHAT steps? WHAT next? WHERE will you go? WHO will you talk to or reach out to?

8) Take action: DO something. Do your action steps, implement your action plans.

9) Evaluate progress: ACCOMPLISH something. MOVE forward. ACHIEVE your goals. And check in with us so we can cheer you on.

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