Managing Your Medication

medication master list

So I am attempting to get our “lives” in order before my oldest leaves for the summer to spend time with her dad’s family. In an effort to keep us all together, I made calls to the pharmacy to order refills of prescriptions. I did not find a master list that suited my personal needs, so I created my own. While re-ordering medication, I instructed my daughter on how to call the pharmacy and to follow the prompts.

Tomorrow, when we pick up our medications, I will fill out the Medication MasterList. My name, my daughter’s name, and my youngest daughter’s name will all be used under “patient”. Then our prescription number, located on the label, will go in the RX column. Quantity of pills or number of inhalations available go under Qty. In Dosage, I’ll specify the amount of mcg, mg, tsp, ltre, etc. Under instructions, I’ll write whether it’s two puffs by mouth twice daily, one pill at dinner, take with food, and how much water to drink. I’ll add which pharmacy we fill these at, the pharmacy’s phone number, the prescribing doctor, the doctor’s phone number, when we refilled them (or even when we started these medications), and whether or not they have been refilled. I might even use “N/A” for not applicable for the medications that we have stopped.


In addition to this master list, I use an app, DoseCast, or a similar app, to keep track of similar information and to set an alarm to remind us to take our medicine. Taking medicine on a schedule improves the rate of successfully taking medication properly and completing the prescribed regimen.

Managing your medication shows responsibility and the ability to care for yourself and others.

Download your copy of the Medication Master List by clicking on the link above.

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