Foundational Relationship

Greetings on this not-so-perfect day. Yesterday was Star Wars Day. Today is Revenge of the 5th (okay, not so sure that’s a real thing but it should be). But let’s talk about these two sayings real quick: May the Fourth be with you (May the Force) and Revenge of the 5th (Revenge of the Sith). What is the Force? And what good does Revenge get us? What effects do they have on our relationships and how do they form us?

foun·da·tion [foun-dey-shuhn]

1.the basis or groundwork of anything: the moral foundation of both society and religion.

2.the natural or prepared ground or base on which some structure rests.

3.the lowest division of a building, wall, or the like, usually of masonry and partly or wholly below the surface of the ground.

4.the act of founding, setting up, establishing, etc.: a policy in effect since the foundation.

5.the state of being founded.

Read that top one again. “The basis or groundwork of anything: the moral foundation of both society and religion. So what are foundational relationships? They are the relationships people develop that form their intrinsic being. Every relationship that affects an individual, that influences his/her personality, is foundational. Ron Hawkins, noted author and speaker, stated that everyone has a sphere of influence. This sphere is made up of one’s local society – friends, family, colleagues, congregants, local government; basically, this sphere is the community in which one is involved.

I’m not asking if you are religious. I’m merely stating that your community creates your sphere of influence. And that sphere does include religious beings, whether you or your partner frequents a church, temple, mosque or other building.

Relationships can be rocky, tricky, hurtful and they can be happy, thrilling, fulfilling, satisfactory…all at the same time! Confusing? Yes. Emotionally draining? Absolutely. God created us in His Image; man ruined that perfection. God created us to have relationship with Him; man sabotaged that relationship. THAT relationship was the primary, the utmost, the main Cornerstone. When that relationship broke so did man’s ability to have fullness and completion. If an individual is completely honest with the self, then s/he will recognize this emptiness and the many ways s/he tries to fill it.

We’ll talk more about this next time, but please, leave your thoughts and opinions below.

~ Blessings on your walk to restoration and recovery.