Intentional Parenting

As part of the life coach training our staff and/or volunteers undergo, we study mindfulness and being more intentional. Mindfulness – in its simplest form – is intentionally being present or being intentionally present. In the moment, not allowing your mind to wander far from the current event or situation.

Join us as we explore the various opportunities and means we have to intentionally engage and parent our children.

Intentional – derives from intent, which derives from what one intends:

Intend: : to plan or want to do (something) : to have (something) in your mind as a purpose or goal

: to plan for or want (someone or something) to do or be something

: to want (something that you control, provide, or have made) to be used for a particular purpose or by a particular person

Intentional parenting then means that you want to parent with a purpose, with an intent, a goal. Intentional parenting is deciding what you want for your children, for yourself as a parent, and for your family as a whole (an entire unit).

What is a parent’s primary responsibility? Is it raising young adults who respect others? Allowing kids to be kids? Instilling trust and integrity in these young people? Is it a lesson from God? Is it a psycho-social benefit of having community? Is it raising a new generation, a next generation?

Determine the purpose of parenting and work towards that goal.

We will discuss setting goals, what kind of goals we should have, and how to reach them. We will also address setting new goals, adjusting for time and age of the children, and helping our children reach adulthood.

So what is your primary purpose of parenting?

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