50 Facts of Life

By Guest Author: Kimberly Kelly

I tell you our younger people REALLY are in sad shape when it comes to manners, respect, how to interact with people in a business and personal manner. I have seen a few that have been taught, then I have seen some that have blown my mind. I sat down tonight a wrote this out knowing it all needed to be said! Lets lay this out.. They are in no order, because they are ALL important!

1… I am not a Dude… I am mam, Mrs. Kelly, Miss Kim or even Kim

2… If you request information from someone, be respectful and respond back to their response, even if you are no longer needing whatever it is.

3… You do NOT start crap with your friend by talking about them to other people… (this is a great way to NOT be trusted)

4… The general rule of thumb when I was a teenager, you do NOT date your friends ex-boyfriend

5… If you have an issue with someone, you talk with them in person! NOT grown Facebook courage that you pretend you are 10 ft tall and bullet proof, but then run and hide when you see that person

6… Let us define ISSUE, this means that they have done something DIRECTLY to you, by hurting you in some manner.. This does not mean that you are not liking them and have a problem because they are friends with this person, dated that person, or my word they behave in a manner you do not approve of. These things are NOT hurting YOU!!!

7… You have a choice in everything you do, and you can most certainly walk away from people who you do not like, that is the best option… Not kicking someone’s Facebook status’s butt!

8… Money does NOT grow on trees and your MOM AND DAD are NOT your banks!


10.. GO to SCHOOL, get an education… And get a REAL degree, not something that you will continue to need to abuse #8 and you can get #9

11… Respect for people is not given, it is EARNED…

12… You are NOT ENTITLED to anything but death and taxes.. That is IT!!! So, you need to figure this out NOW…

13… No one OWES you anything

14… When you are dating someone, you exercise 11 (respect her or him), You make a POINT to meet the girl or guys parents!!!!

15.. Sex is NOT owed to you either.. You are NOT entitled to sleep with a girl or a guy just because you are “nice” to them! Sex is something that comes after a “commitment” is made on an ADULT level.. Sex is NOT an experiment! This is NOT Biology or Science class, kids

16. When you are told NO, I believe that this words means it is NOT happening no matter what or who told you this!

17. Stop being petty… A lot of this DRAMA you have in your lives is all in you HEADS!!!

18. Step outside of yourselves and help someone who needs you!! There are so many people who need help, love, kindness, and support!

19. Love yourself, respecting yourself is a given when you start to LOVE YOU, when you do this you will find half the people around MUST go, because they do not RESPECT you!

20. When you do #19, the one true love you have been praying for will appear, because you will be confident and not NEEDY… Needy is NOT attractive and is NOT something that will keep a partner around!!

21. Believing in God is NOT stupid… Do NOT be ashamed of being YOU..

22. Be responsible for your actions.. there are NO such things as a GOOD EXCUSE…

23. Do NOT lie… Liars SUCK and NO one will respect you.

24. Do NOT date someone with a child unless you are ready to be an instant parent.. It is wonderful if you are ready, but unless you can see yourself raising a child.. Do not go there!

25.Listen to your parents advice! We are not as stupid as you think!

26. Listen…

27. Unplug every day for several hours and spend some time with those you love, they will not be here forever.. Not everyone dies old and grey!

28. Choose your friends wisely!

29. Choose your actions wisely, these things will follow you forever and that is what you will always been know for.

30. Do not judge someone for being poor, not pretty enough, not dressing well, not being smart enough.. You’re not God and for sure you have NO idea what that person goes through at home and the struggles they may have already.

31. Most importantly, you never will know everything; and there is always someone better than you and someone worse off that you!

32. If you choose to disregard the things above, be prepared to be either surround by a lifetime of D-bags in your life like you are or be alone!

33. Dress for the life and the job you want, not for the fad.

34. Showing your boobs and butts in all you wear is NOT cute…

35. Your size does NOT matter as long as YOU are happy with yourself!

36. Make your own way, do not be a sheep! Make a path and be a leader, but make sure you are leading a good example for the younger people coming behind.

37. Hurting people and being cruel and nasty, is NOT okay.. It is NOT funny, and NOT cute.. Actually, the people who you think are okay with it, are only pretending to because they do not want to fall victim to your bullying!

38. If you’re a bully, you need to spend one day in a state prison and see how you feel.

39. If you have issues, TALK to someone.. We really do care!

40. Show people love instead of hate. You will find that you have much more people who want to be around you than ever before!

41. Discipline is NOT child abuse.. It is child abuse to not discipline your child (not saying beat your child).. Because if you don’t do it, the system will do it for you later in life.

42. Consequences are something that we all suffer from our mistakes or wrong doings, learn from them!


44. If you have food in front of others, you either do not eat (if you do not have enough) or you OFFER them some.

45. Act like you have some brains when you are in public. Making out all over the place in public is gross and disrespectful to people who have young children. Watch your mouths, some of you need your mouths washed out with SOAP.

46. Do not take what is NOT yours!!

47. Think before you speak! And if you cannot say something nice, then SHUT up! NO one wants to hear your rude remarks!

48. Being a smart-mouth is NOT cute! It is ugly and you are NOT looking smart you are coming off as a rude jerk!

49. Everything you have down to the clothes on your backs is a privilege! Again you are not entitled to anything!

50. Be thankful for what you have and be even more thankful for what you don’t as it is a less complication in your life in a complicated world!

Kids it is a rough world already out there… We can make it better if we all would take some time to stop and learn some basic rules to life!

~ Rev. Kim (Kimberly Kelly)

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