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This article was shared with us: On Welzoo Organizational Support

Here are the highlights: A homeless man, down-on-his-luck, refused to stay “stuck” and peppered his local community with his resume and applications for work. He landed a job as a cook – which is what his resume reflected he had experience and maybe even joy in doing.

Times are tough. Times are hard. Times are challenging. Mr. Callison was most likely overlooked for quite some time because he’s homeless. Because he couldn’t afford his own uniform. Because of his looks. Because of his living conditions…

Because of “preconceived notions” and “stereotypes”, we face hardship finding work, developing safe living arrangements, having our needs met….and we project our own irritation and anger at others because of what we experience. And we often find ourselves “stuck” in this situation – one of our own making or one that has been “forced” on us because of the economy, because of jobs being sent overseas…because of our own biases- because we live with an “us versus them” mentality. This is a mentality that LYDIA hopes to break, and change, by working to build a stronger sense of community and individuality. We do not strive to offer a hand out, but rather, a hand up. We hope to build families up, encouraging and lifting us all higher than our current circumstances.

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Sometimes, we face a feeling of defeat, that we just can’t go another day. No matter that we have good things in our lives, like our families, our children, our friends, people who need us or like us – we feel despair. Our affect – that is, our face, our bearing (the way we hold ourselves), and the way we present ourselves can be influenced by our feelings. When you feel that despair, that lack of hope in making ends meet, of being enough or being satisfied, reach out. Reach out to your community. Pepper your immediate sphere of influence with the things you offer.

Right now, wherever you are, list three things that you KNOW you can do, already do, or even just want to do. Who can benefit from you doing them? List three people.

Now, take another moment. Look around you. Who do you see? How do you think they feel? Is that smile a little too bright? Are their eyes shifting uncomfortably away, because they don’t know how to be recognized? Are they tired? Hopeless? Are they just like you? Sometimes, it helps to realize that there are others out there just. like. me. Oh, maybe their circumstances are a little different. Maybe you think that no one could possibly understand. Do you understand them? Do you want to wallow in your despair, hitting your head against that brick wall that you’ve marked out as yours? Or do you want to make a difference, discover your community, and broaden your horizons?

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How can we rise to the challenge? How can we support each other in our endeavors to provide for our families? How do we work together, help each other, and encourage one another?

Let’s talk.

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