Newsworthy Notes

“I am a stay at home mom with 3 kids 5 & under, haven’t worked in 6 years. I have no one except my soon to be ex husband.
I need to get a job, can’t get a job without daycare.
Can’t get daycare (because I need help from the state right now to get started) until I move out on my own. Without help from DFS (CYFD in Santa Fe) daycares gonna cost 2600 a month.

Can’t find a place that will let me move in without a job, even though I’m waving stacks of cash under their noses.”  

She needs to find her community, her support base, until she can stand on her own two feet and meet the goals she’s set for herself. 
“Even bringing in $60,000, it’s so hard to make ends meet, make sure the kids are fed and clothed, clean, and ready for the day. Plus I have to make sure *I’m* ready for the day. Then we have to run errands, and I only get a 30 minute lunch break…and it’s just so hard. Now that [his] parents have moved here, things are starting to get easier….” 
All she needed was a listening ear, to be able to vent and share her feelings. 
“My wife works 10 hour days. She’s rarely ever home. We wanted to start a family, but she won’t even be here for it. I’ll be the one raising the kids. We agreed to it, and I don’t mind, but I’d also like to have a life….Are we having kids or aren’t we?” 
He realized he needed to have an honest conversation with his wife. They decided to put off having kids, but would let it happen “naturally”. He found a great group of guys to connect with and filled his days with hobbies, working side jobs, and improving himself. Last I heard, they were expecting their first. 
“I’m so hopeless. My identity was tied into my work. Who am I without my job?” 
She went on to discover her creativity, her inner beauty, and her self-worth. We identified areas of need and celebrated each discovery. She moved, looking for a fresh start, and took her improved outlook with her.

Casa Familia School Supplies

Every summer, we hold a school supplies drive for Casa Familia, a program through St. Elizabeth’s shelters. We take donations until the week before the start of each new school year. 

We do general supplies, but they have asked in the past for brand new socks and underwear, water bottles, backpacks/bookbags and scientific calculators. 

Receiving Items for Suits You

This was at Dillard’s Nonprofit Sponsor Event last year in November. We received several items of used clothing, brand new purses and shoes, and even raised $40 in unsolicited funds. 

Coming up this September: Our Suits You fashion show!



Life coaching is not therapeutic in nature. Therapeutic services must be provided by a licensed mental health practitioner. We reserve the right to refer out for mental health emergencies or services. If you feel out of control or suicidal, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at: 1-800-273-8255