On Shaving

Many times throughout our lives as men, it is necessary for us to shave. Reasons for shaving can range from military service to job/safety requirements. While there are some articles that say having facial hair may help land you a job (having to do with taking risks, or appearing more experienced), if your face rug is wildly out of control, or if your face looks like a puppy with mange, then shaving is your best option for job interviews.

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Daily Cleaning Schedule


How do we get through each day, maintaining our lives and balance?
How do you, our clients, our readers, our support, make it through each day?
One of the ways we can strengthen our own well-being is by keeping a maintained home. For some of us, that will mean we first must do what is commonly referred to as a “deep-clean”. We won’t discuss that at this time, but we will talk about maintenance. Continue Reading →