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In the helping professions dealing more with mental and emotional healing, coaches, therapists and counselors use what we call the Miracle Question. In this, we ask “if something were to change overnight, to be different, and you awakened in the morning and just knew something was different, what would it be? What would have to change to notice a difference?”

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50 Facts of Life

I tell you our younger people REALLY are in sad shape when it comes to manners, respect, how to interact with people in a business and personal manner. I have seen a few that have been taught, then I have seen some that have blown my mind. I sat down tonight a wrote this out knowing it all needed to be said! Lets lay this out.. They are in no order, because they are ALL important!

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Parenting Class_Parenting Styles: Balanced Parenting

According to Prepare-Enrich, “a balanced style of parenting tends to be the most healthy because it balances age-appropriate child autonomy and parental control. Independence is encouraged and discipline is consistent and fair. Parenting is warm and nurturing without being overindulgent. According to research, a balanced parenting style is related to the best outcomes for children and teens. Balanced parenting is achieved by balancing closeness and flexibility Take a look at the below suggestions and find out what works for you and your family.

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Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day.
Mommies who are expecting. Mommies whose arms and hearts are full.
Mommies whose arms are empty, whose hearts cry to be filled.
Mommies who have lost loved ones too young, had that joy for such a short time.
Mommies who will one day hold their loves again. Mommies who are yet to be.
Mommies who have said goodbye. Mommies who still wait to say hello.
Mommies. Mommies to friends. Mommies who give. Mommies who adopt. Mommies.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mommies.

A Lasting Change: Four Steps to True Change

According to Jay Adams, there is a 4-step “Biblical” process for change in that there is a need for teaching, conviction, correction and disciplined training (1986). Just as there is a 4-step process for change in a “Christian’s” life, there is also a 4-step process for change in anyone’s life. The teaching is necessary to impart tools for change; when one of our client families come in seeking help, they need to be equipped with proper tools such as work, education, skills and even food for their family. Conviction is their belief that the change is needed, that these tools are necessary. Correction comes when the teachings are implemented, when progress has been made but some slip-ups are expected, and when the heart/person is ready for change, usually following conviction. And finally, disciplined training, which means implementing the successful tools on a daily or situation-by-situation basis until they become habit or instinctual.

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Parenting Class_Parenting Style Quiz

Today, we’re going to look at parenting styles. We’re providing a quiz and your score. What type of parenting style do you use? Find out by taking this quiz. Answer the questions honestly, based on your beliefs and what you would really say or do, not how you think it “should” be answered. Grab your pen/pencil and your paper or notebook.

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Life Skills: Checkbook Registry, Anyone?

Life Skills_ Checkbook Register


When you look at your checkbook – remember we discussed writing checks? Well, this time, we’re talking about keeping up with the amount of your check. So we’re going to look at the back of the checkbook and you’ll find an area called the checkbook register. This is where you write date, recipient/reason for the check, the amount, and finally, if it cleared/or was paid out – and if it equals your bank statement.

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