Life Skills: Basic Hygiene

The first area to address in life skills is basic hygiene – it’s not on our list, since the previous author listed that as a skill learned earlier, but that does not minimize its importance. When meeting new people for the first time you get to make only one first impression. You may make a second impression if your first is memorable enough. Take advantage of those opportunities!
Basic hygiene includes bathing, brushing one’s teeth and hair, applying deodorant, nail care, wearing the right amount of scented product, and wearing clean underclothes.

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Life Skills

Life Skills Activities and Guidelines Picture

Social Media. Thanks to social media, we are able to share goodies such as blogs, articles, vlogs, videos, how-tos and various resources. A goody shared today via facebook is about “guidelines for practical life skills for kids” and is seen here:

Life skills are very important, so we’ll look at these and add to them, starting from 13 years to adulthood.

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What is a Life Coach?

There are many differing opinions on what a life coach is; but as a whole, society can agree on one specific “not”. A life coach is not a counselor, nor is s/he licensed to counsel. (Though to clarify, some licensed counselors DO become coaches. Richard Nongard stresses the importance of keeping the counseling and coaching relationships separate.)

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