Blue Flower

LYDIA, founded in 2007, was grandfathered into Summit International, an IRS recognized 501(c)3. Summit International, established in 1994 under the name Christian Evangelistic Outreach Ministries, has a record of Good Standing in the state of Louisiana.


LYDIA is a response to a glaring need in America and other first world countries, and we hope to address similar needs in second and third world countries. One of the chief complaints heard by potential clients and even by various community organization workers, is that in order to get a job one has to have experience and/or child care. In order to qualify for certain types of assistance, one has to get a job, which requires putting a child into daycare, of which most require registration or other various fees.

How is one to pay these fees? By having a job. The job is hard to go to, to get, to work without childcare. But the job is also needed in order to procure experience. How can one gain experience if one does not have the job?

Another chief complaint is that not enough assistance programs are known about – or too many programs are known about and it’s overwhelming, it’s confusing who has what information, or who is receiving what . This complaint originates within the organizations and agencies who feel that their agencies could be of better service if only they could better see the needs of their clients.

So three of LYDIA’s proposed programs encompass daycare, job experience, and case management or acting as a liaison between the client and the various community agencies.

Another unaddressed need – or poorly addressed, if one talks with today’s youth – is that of something to do for teens, preteens, and young adults. The youth of today long to be able to do something, anything, of value but they do not always know what to value or where to go or find things of value.

Finally, the chief complaint is that of no hope, being stuck, unable to move on or not having the know how to do something. LYDIA seeks to answer these needs and complaints by offering viable solutions through Life Coaching, Job Coaching, Youth Programs, and Child Care.