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Welcome back, dear readers. We are still working on getting our website up and running, developing our programs, and establishing community here in Santa Fe.

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In developing our programs, our director, Emma Shows, is training as a life coach. Our marketing director, David Commini, is learning more about marketing and pushing our organization through multiple social media platforms (Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more). As part of our learning, we were asked what our system of services and delivery might look like to our clients.
So, here they are in paragraph form. Continue Reading →

Fun Games and Activities with Small Children

Children’s Games as Found on

This section is from the book “If You Live with Little Children”, by Carolyn Kauffman and Patricia Farrell. Also available from Amazon: If You Live with Little Children.

stock-illustration-19772952-kids-hanging-aroundThe following games are suitable to preschool-aged children, if they are allowed to play them in their own way. Continue Reading →


We have been very busy the past few weeks, moving the household, arranging our furniture, and getting back on track with our schedules.

Routines are very important, not just for the children but for yourselves. With a “fluid” routine, you know what’s coming up for the day – what to expect – and what you need to prepare for those activities. You know that you’ll eat 3 large, or 5-6 small meals a day. You know there’s after school activities, or what time you’ll be home from work. You know what time you’ll most likely sleep and what time you awaken each day.
You know the stressors you’ll face, and you know how to overcome them (if you don’t, give us a call. We’ll help you find answers).

Being fluid is also important. Not flexible – as someone once explained to me, flexible = a breaking point. Fluid bends, flows, wraps around and pushes through whatever it faces. Water – liquid/fluid – can cut through stone. It can carry so much weight – imagine being in a pool, or at the beach, and floating on your back. Fluid. Being fluid means that you realize there will be unexpected events, things you have to face that you may not be fully prepared for – and face them anyway.

Sure, there’s some change. Some growth. This is a good thing. It can be scary, at times, and we hesitate to face these new things, these slight interruptions to our routines. But we can learn to welcome them, to embrace the good ones and learn from the irritating interruptions. We learn to be fluid. We learn to let go of these stressors and to embrace all that life brings. We stand in the midst of the storm – the confusion, the doubt, the fear – and we are the peace. We teach our children, our families, even our friends to be fluid. Be fluid. Be at peace.


Daily Cleaning Schedule


How do we get through each day, maintaining our lives and balance?
How do you, our clients, our readers, our support, make it through each day?
One of the ways we can strengthen our own well-being is by keeping a maintained home. For some of us, that will mean we first must do what is commonly referred to as a “deep-clean”. We won’t discuss that at this time, but we will talk about maintenance. Continue Reading →

A Different Perspective

This was “Wow” – just wow.

It’s okay. It’s okay to be tired. It’s okay to struggle to adjust. It’s okay. Mama, we’re here for you. Let us walk with you. Daddy, you won’t have that same memory, but hopefully you’ll have the same joy and sense of wonder, mixed with awe, mixed with “What did I do?!?!” and we’ll get through the bumps in the road together. Continue Reading →

Parenting Class_Intentional Parenting: Bonding with Your Children

Working on parenting class materials, I came across this little gem via Pinterest.
For those of you who don’t know what Pinterest is, or Pin, it’s a smorgasbord of goodies to share. Articles, blog posts, activities, books – almost anything you might need or be interested in, it’s there. You simply create a “board” to “pin” your items to (remember corkboards, memory boards, where you [or your mom or aunt] would post favorite memories?) and you can search for terms or just browse other people’s boards. Then you click on “pin” for something you want to add to your own board – something to follow up on, something to read further, something you want to try – let your imagination and “pin”ation take you!
Anyway, I have created several boards for pregnancy/childbirth/baby care, taking care of myself and my family, recipes, blog articles, topics for discussion, outreach, and play therapy, among other things. So I put this one, I think, in the play therapy board.
I’ll add to this post as I find other goodies, but wanted to get you started here:

Read. Enjoy. Use what works for you. Be intentional in connecting with your children. Be intentional in your relationships.